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General conditions of participation for doIT training courses

  • Training course participation
    Every student of the University of Paderborn can participate in a doIT training course. Prerequisite is that the registration has been completed successfully. Registration is only possible online on the learning platform PANDA. Participation requirements also include basic PC skills and sufficient knowledge of German. Instructions from the course leader must be followed at all times during the training.
  • Registering for a training course
    The registration for the individual training courses takes place in two phases: In the first phase, the participant first expresses interest by registering via the online learning platform PANDA. In the revision phase, the participant is asked to confirm his or her binding participation in person at the Notebook Cafe (I0.401). Each training course has its own registration and revision phase; the specific dates can be found in the current course descriptions in koaLA
  • Implementation
    A training will not take place if less than 60% (or 10 persons) of the registered participants are present. An attendance list is kept for each training course. Unexcused delays (more than 20 minutes) cannot be taken into account on the attendance list.
  • Absence during a training course
    Attendance at the first training session is mandatory for further course attendance: If a bindingly registered participant is absent without excuse from the first session, he/she will be excluded from this training and the immediately following event. If this behaviour occurs more than once, the participant will be excluded from all further training sessions of the following training cycle - out of consideration for the chances of the other participants. In individual cases exceptions are possible.
  • Unsubscribe from a course
    Every participant is free to cancel a training course. This must be done at least 3 days before the start of the training course to be cancelled, either by PANDA internal message or by e-mail to the doIT team. Later cancellations cannot be considered for organizational reasons and will result in an unexcused cancellation.
  • Audit
    The training courses are usually completed by passing an examination. The scope of the examination depends on the respective training course. Details will be announced in the individual training courses. Failure to attend an examination is considered as not passing it. Approved aids for the exams will be announced in the respective course. The use of electronic aids (e.g. mobile phones, own notebook) during the examination is prohibited and their use will result in immediate exclusion from the examination. Attempts to cheat - such as collusion or copying - will also result in immediate exclusion from the examination. If this behaviour occurs repeatedly with a participant, he/she will be excluded from all further training courses of the following training cycle - for reasons of fairness towards other participants. In individual cases exceptions are possible.
  • Certificate of participation
    A certificate of attendance is entitled to a certificate of participation if 80% of the participants attend a training course; in addition, in the case of training courses that include an examination, the examination must be passed with at least 50%. A special regulation applies to participants who attended less than 80% of a training course. These must achieve at least 80% to pass the exam. An examination usually lasts 90 minutes. The certificate of participation states that the participant has attended the training. In addition, a brief summary of the contents of the training course is given. Certificates of participation are issued at the end of each quarterly training cycle (at the beginning of the lecture period and the lecture-free period) and the participants are informed accordingly. The certificates will be kept in the Notebook Cafe (I0.401) for a maximum of 1 year from this date and can be collected there during this period (during support hours) in person or by proxy and photo identification, also by third parties.

Stand: 01. April 2017

The University for the Information Society