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Informationstechnik im Gebäude O Show image information

Informationstechnik im Gebäude O

Photo: Universität Paderborn, Adelheid Rutenburges


New phishing attack

Members of the University of Paderborn are currently massively attacked with phishing e-mails. The attackers use the identities of real existing employees of the University of Paderborn. A sender address of the following form is used: <first name>.<last name>

Please do not react to such e-mails. Please delete these e-mails and report them to your administrator or the IMT.

The increased use of digital communication channels also tempts criminals to launch new attacks. They pose as providers of Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft teams and try to entice the attacked persons to follow them to compromised websites or to download malware directly. Malware can also be found on the websites and users are asked to enter data there.

For more information on phishing messages and how to detect them, see

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