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Informationstechnik im Gebäude O Show image information

Informationstechnik im Gebäude O

Photo: Universität Paderborn, Adelheid Rutenburges

Courses within the framework of courses of studies

The IMT: Media participates in the practical media education of students in several ways: by instruction in devices and software, by media practical training, by supervision and consulting of student projects and by teaching in study courses. These activities are coordinated by the department management and developed further according to the needs of the students.

The course offering is understood as an interdisciplinary field of production in which technical, aesthetic and content-related knowledge and skills are taught in a networked form. The aim of the training is to give students an idea of professional action, to reflect on problems in the media implementation of information and to test solutions in practice. As a prerequisite for the acquisition of a certificate of achievement, the participants are expected to work successfully on a product. In this way, the IMT: Media serves as an interface to professional practice, especially for the study programmes in media studies. The contents of these courses are laid down in the course catalogues.

The service is designed primarily for degree programmes in media studies, but is also open to students studying to become teachers (additional qualification: media; profile building: media), to students of the BA Cultural Studies programme and, on request, to students of other degree programmes.

To be bid:

  • Basic courses: Media practical introductions
  • Media practical and media aesthetic seminars
  • Project-related workshops
  • Media seminars for the Studium Generale (Blickfang: working in a TV teaching editorial office)
  • Supervision of seminars in media studies with practical parts
  • Practical experience

Further education and technical support for students in the fields of photography, video and radio production, camera work, recording and editing techniques are not limited to the lecture period. Staff members of the IMT: Media supervise university-related student projects throughout the year, albeit with varying degrees of effort, including the activities of the campus radio station L'UniCo of the University of Paderborn.

Practical results of the seminars etc. can be found at on.screen Medien.

Service Center Media

Phone: 05251/60-2821

Service hours

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