amh (Association of Media Centres at Universities)

ARNW (Working Group of the Directors of Scientific Computing Centres in NRW)

DFN (Association for the Promotion of a German Research Network)

DINI (German Initiative for Network Information)

GUUG (Association of German UNIX Users e. V.)

ZKI (Association of Centres for Communication and Information Processing)

University committees and functions

Stefan Finke: member of the Academic Staff Council

Prof. Dr. Gudrun Oevel: Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Management activities

Andreas Brennecke: speaker of the ZKI working group "E-Learning"

Prof. Dr. Gudrun Oevel: chairperson of the German Initiative for Network Information (DINI)

Prof. Dr. Gudrun Oevel: deputy spokeswoman of the DV-Agentur NRW


Paderborn Days of IT Security