Cre­ate sur­veys (LimeSur­vey)

LimeSurvey is an open source application with which you can quickly and easily create, conduct and evaluate online surveys.

The IMT makes this application available to employees and students of the university. After application you will get access to our system and thus have the possibility to create, publish and evaluate your own surveys independently. We do not offer support for the surveys created and therefore refer to the LimeSurvey homepage and our help wiki

You will find a lot of information, detailed user manuals and a demo access to get to know the system on the LimeSurvey homepage.  

The help wiki contains the terms of use and general information about our service.

We also point out the special data protection rules for using this system. These have to be confirmed when applying for the service in the service portal.



To use LimeSurvey you can apply for the service in the service portal or get more information from our help wiki