Network storage

The IMT operates a network storage on which files can be stored and managed centrally. The service is available for all users and groups of the university. The IMT takes care of the secure storage of files and directories and regular backups.

Important information about the network storage

The network storage can be mounted directly as a network drive under all common operating systems (using CIFS or NFS) and the access is done directly via the file explorer. Access via WinSCP, ssh or scp via the IMT gateway computer is possible also in future. In the public area of the personal directory data can be shared with third parties.

If you need to share files with other users at the university for a longer period of time, you can create a shared directory (group directory). If you want to give other users at the university read or write access to your files, you can do so in the public area of your personal directory.

In the personal storage area there are three different directories for file storage: data, public and scratch if applicable . The data area represents the classic private file storage; in the public area you can store files that other users of the university or external users (using a web browser) can easily access. Attention: The area is thus publicly accessible if you do not protect it additionally. The optional area scratch is used for temporary file storage and cannot be restored in case of failure.

The size of the storage space you can use is limited by a so-called quota. All data in the directories data and public is included in the quota calculation. These directories are backed up at night.

You can request storage space via the IMT SelfService. Note that you need network storage to use the IMT pool rooms.