For a wireless connection with the university network, the University of Paderborn offers campus-wide Wi-Fi. The networks "eduroam" and "webauth" are available at wireless network connections. Because of the higher security and simplicity the IMT recommends the use of "eduroam". Members of other universities can access the "eduroam" network if their home institution participates in the DFNRoaming-eduroam initiative. Research guests, project partners or lecturers can apply for a Uni-Account for guests and thus use the Wi-Fi. Visitors (e.g. course participants, conference guests etc.) can obtain conference access to the "webauth" network via their organizer.

Besides laptops, other mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones can also be integrated into the Wi-Fi. The owners themselves are responsible for the security of end devices in the Wi-Fi. Like any other IT service of the University of Paderborn, the Wi-Fi may only be used for university purposes.