Per­son­al homepage

Students and staff of the University of Paderborn can operate a personal website via the ZIM. The occupied space will be counted towards your quota. If there is a justified need, this upper limit can be increased. You can check the current maximum capacity and the current occupancy in the service portal under "User Selfcare". In order to publish websites, you need a Uni-Account, i.e. a user name with password. In addition, you must have activated the option "Fileservice settings" in the user administration under "User Selfcare" and thus created a home directory. The home directory and the web directory belong to the network storage. By setting this up, you can access your web space.

https, http and share

To publish or share files with other users, there are three subdirectories "https", "http" and "share" in the subfolder "public" in your home directory.

Under "https" you can store HTML data, which can then be retrieved in encrypted form at<username>. The "https" directory is intended for those web files that are only to be transmitted in encrypted form to protect them from third parties during transmission.

Under "http" you can store HTML files (or Office, PDF documents, images etc.), which can then be accessed at<username>. Please do not use this folder any more, if possible, but only "https".

The third subdirectory, "share", on the other hand, cannot be viewed via web browser. However, by default it is readable by anyone who can access the network storage. Here you can also easily create personal group areas by changing the access rights. For example, you can use Explorer on the "N:" drive to access the corresponding subdirectories of other IMT users and view or copy the files, provided the appropriate access rights are set.

The network storage path to the public folder is \\\home\public on Windows and /upb/users/<first letter of the username>/<username>/public on Linux.

Important: For file names and subdirectories you should not use umlauts, spaces or special characters. Lower case is recommended or even required for "index.html".

Rules for websites on ZIM servers

The following rules apply to websites provided on the ZIM servers:

The following are prohibited:

  •     the creation and publication of websites for illegal, commercial or other non-specialist purposes (in particular the creation/storage and/or distribution of pirated copies via websites)
  •     the making available on the WWW of objects with content that could be prosecuted or are morally offensive (in particular pornographic, violence glorifying or racist documents),
  •     the setting of links to websites with the above mentioned contents or to corresponding files,
  •     the passing on of access authorizations, which can be used for the publication of web pages, to other (possibly even non-university) persons.

Please note:

  • You take full responsibility for the content and the links of your homepage.
  • Please delete unnecessary files from your web directory.

Design information

If you create official websites for a faculty, an institute or a subject, please pay attention to an appearance according to the layout of the university.

Selfhtml provides detailed information on HTML and related topics that are relevant for the creation of Internet pages.