Terms of use

For users of the IMT, the IMT's terms of use apply. Furthermore, the DFN's terms of use apply. In particular, the following must be observed:

The following is prohibited in the network area of the IMT:

  • the damaging of hardware and/or software as well as wilful disruption of network operation

  • breaking into external user areas and spying on external data as well as attempting these activities

  • the passing on of passwords and/or the use of a login by several persons

  • the use of the login for illegal, commercial or other non-specialist purposes (in particular the creation/storage and/or distribution of pirate copies)

  • the booting and/or switching off of workstations

  • viewing/reading/storing and/or passing on objects with content that may be subject to criminal prosecution or are morally offensive (in particular pornographic, violence-glorifying or racist documents)

  • the waste of system resources

  • disturbing or harassing other users by inappropriate behaviour (in particular the occupation of required workstations for games, loud talking in the pool, telephoning via mobile phone or the Internet, harassment via e-mail)

Each user is fully responsible for all actions taken under his or her login. He/she is also responsible for the effects of the programs he/she runs.

As a user of the IMT you commit yourself

  • to ensure the functionality of the computer and the entire network, as far as it is your responsibility. In particular, the rooms and furniture must also be kept clean and the available operating resources (workstations, CPU capacity, disk space, performance capacities) must be used responsibly.

  •  to use "secure" passwords and to observe and follow all IMT security instructions.

  •  to log out when leaving pool rooms.

  •  to coordinate a project for the processing of personal data before the start with the IMT and to comply with the provisions of the Data Protection Act.

  •  to inform the support department (e-mail: imt@upb.de) or other IMT service personnel in case of problems with hardware or software as well as network faults.

  •  to refer to the terms of use for other users.

Personal data and procedure for abuse

The IMT stores personal data only to the extent necessary for monitoring the network. This data is not used for any other purpose than to maintain proper network operation.

In the event of network disruptions, the data can be used to identify possible causes. In this case, the IMT reserves the right to monitor possible suspects more closely, including their data and activities on the network. This control will be logged. If it turns out that a person is innocent, this person is notified and can view the logs. If the suspicion against a person is confirmed, appropriate steps are taken.

By signing the login application or entering the password when logging in, you acknowledge the user regulations or the user instructions of the IMT in their currently valid version and agree that user ID, surname and first name may also be disclosed via network-wide information services.

You agree to the publication of the data on your homepage. You assume full responsibility for the content and links of your homepage.

As far as special regulations have not been laid down here, the regulations for the reimbursement of expenses and the administrative and user regulations of university computer centres according to the decree MWF NRW IV A5-7334.01 HRZ of 15.07.1987 apply accordingly.