Network services (DNS, DHCP)


The IMT manages the domain name spaces and as well as the IP address ranges (IPv4) and 2001:0638:0502::/48 (IPv6). The assignment of the domain namespace to the IP address ranges and vice versa is realized with the central DNS servers dns01 2001:638:502:137::23, dns02 2001:638:502:1248::254, and dns03 2001:638:505:f01::60.

Areas of the University of Paderborn (e.g. faculties, departments, institutes, central institutions) can receive their own subdomain of the form Furthermore, IMT can apply for domains under the top-level domains DE, EU, INFO, BIZ, NAME, COM, NET, MUSEUM, COOP, ORG, CAT, MOBI as well as under the ENUM domain "*" at DFN-Verein for inter-university or international research projects.


DHCP is a service that connects notebooks, desktop PCs and servers to the network quickly and conveniently. This service is automatic and usually does not require any further configuration by the users of the university network.

If your notebook has problems to get an IP address and thus no internet connection can be established, please contact the user support.