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Informationstechnik im Gebäude O Show image information

Informationstechnik im Gebäude O

Photo: Universität Paderborn, Adelheid Rutenburges

Media workstations

The media workstations in H1.201 are accessible to all members (e.g. faculties, institutes, chairs, facilities, committees, university groups) of the University of Paderborn.

  • 4 workstations with multimedia production and video editing software (e.g. Adobe Creative Cloud, Reaper)
  • 9 individual workstations (research and office, VHS viewing stations)
  • 1 group workstation for up to 5 users (video, TV and radio programmes)
  • 3 analog/digital copying systems

The editorial room in H1.201 is mainly used by the Blickfang, Radial on Air, L'UniCo editorial staffs and the students of the media practical seminars, but is also open to other groups by arrangement.

The editing rooms on level H1 are reserved for projects of media practical seminars and can be booked via the room reservation system of the IMT by prior arrangement.

  • Production software in H1.324, H1.338, H1.340 are for video and graphics Adobe Creative Cloud, Final Cut Studio 3 and for Audio Reaper / Audacity.
  • The project rooms H1.319 (editorial Blickfang) and H1.322 are equipped with the video editing software Adobe Premiere CS6. These rooms are available to students of media practical projects.

Optionally, an introduction to the media workstations (hardware and software) can be provided.

The University for the Information Society