Overleaf is a collaborative LaTex editor. Overleaf is offered as a web application in the cloud. The IMT operates the free Overleaf version "Community Server" locally installed at Paderborn University, where the data is processed exclusively at the university. This can be used by all university members with a valid Uni Account.

If a section wishes to cooperate with external persons, the section sends an e-mail to the IMT at imt@upb.de. The IMT then makes a contact person from the subject group an administrator in Overleaf. This person can now invite external people via a new menu item in the web interface and then share projects with them.


Registration and usage

To use and apply Overleaf, follow the steps below in the Service Portal:

  1. Visit the Service Portal at this link.

  2. In the Service Portal, first navigate to 'Zentrum für Informations- und Medientechnologien (IMT)' > 'Overleaf LaTeX Editor'.

  3. Click on 'Options'.

  4. Select the 'Request' option.

You will then receive an email which you can use to activate your account. To access the service, go to Overleaf at Paderborn University.

A short guide to setting up access and using Overleaf can be found in the IMT Help Wiki here.

Beyond operating and setting up access, the IMT cannot offer any content support. For questions about LaTex and the use of Overleaf, please use the Overleaf web pages or the IMT Help Wiki here.

(Status: March 2022)